Sometimes A Nascar Driver Has To Say ‘No’ To A Sponsor

When a company expresses interest in sponsoring a NASCAR driver whether that driver will say yes or no might depend on where they are at in their career. For a younger driver saying no to a sponsor is almost unthinkable.

John Hunter Nemechek comes from a racing family. His dad Joe raced in the Cup series for 24 years, and the young Nemechek raced in the Truck series for 11 years. He is now focusing on the Xfinity series and is currently in his fifth year there.
For drivers who are at this stage of their career, saying no is a tough position to be in.
“Sponsorship is so hard to come by,” he said. “You try and seek every opportunity that fits your brand, that fits who you are and fits your interests.” He added an addendum though.
“It's not really saying no, it's more about trying to figure out if it's the right fit for you and your brand and if you align with that brand well.”
Then there are drivers like Joey Logano. The two time, and reigning NASCAR Cup series champion races for Team Penske. In his 16 years in the NASCAR Cup series Logano has 32 wins to go with his two titles.
At this point in his career, Logano is in the enviable position of not having to worry about saying no to a potential sponsor. Though there are some instances when it makes sense to pass on a sponsorship offer.
“You want to understand what you're endorsing, right?” Logano said. “If you're endorsing a product, the last thing you want to do is endorse the product that's not going to help people or do what they say it's going to do.”
Logano was referring to his latest sponsorship opportunity, one presented to him by a friend. The offer was for a personal services contract with The Good Feet Store, a manufacturer and retailer of custom fitted arch supports. Like Nemechek, Logano wanted to make sure it aligned with his brand. Unlike Nemechek he took the “right fit” part a little more literally.
“Naturally, I did a little homework,” Logano said chuckling. “I went to a Good Feet Store unannounced as a surprise to learn more about what they do from the customer level. And it was a great experience. They obviously treated me really well. I learned about their arch supports and what it's about.”