Her Husband Was Killed in Afghanistan in 2011—To Heal, She Became a 220-Time Marathoner

  • Originally published by Runners World

  • ​Featuring sponsored Good Feet runner Linda Ambard


Runners World – February 24, 2022 – ”... I compare life to the marathon journey. I have run 220 marathons, and during each of my 220 marathons, there is always a point I want to quit. My body hurts and I know my body will hurt more the next day, but I know if I look only at the step in front of me, I can get to the finish line. I might fall down. I might get lost. I might need to lean on a friend. I might need to rest, but if I breathe through the pain one second at a time, one minute at a time, one hour, one day, one mile, one marathon at a time, I can get to the finish line.

Linda’s Must-Have Running Gear

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