Are Custom Orthotics Worth It? We Sent One of Our Readers to Find Out

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First For Women – January 31, 2022 – ”Did you know that pain in your heels, ankles, toes, calves, knees, hips, and lower back can all be caused by undiagnosed foot issues? Over-the-counter orthotics can help with various conditions by correcting your gait and giving you extra support as you walk. However, wearing the wrong orthotics can intensify problems rather than correct them. If you’ve never found relief with a generic pair of inserts, it might be time to look into custom orthotics. 

Custom orthotics are medical-grade shoe inserts that correct an irregular walking pattern and absorb shock. Your podiatrist may offer prescription custom orthotics, which are made using an actual mold of your foot. The mold gets shipped to a laboratory, where a technician uses it to create a custom orthotic. 

But prescription orthotics have downsides. Podiatry visits can be expensive, depending on your insurance, and a single pair of custom inserts may cost anywhere between $200 and $800. In addition, you will have to buy shoes based on whether or not they will accommodate your inserts.  

If you need high-quality inserts but don’t want to go down the prescription road, there is another option: The Good Feet Store. Specializing in arch support, The Good Feet Store offers personalized orthotics that vary based on activity (walking, running, and more) and the amount of support your arches need. But is this somewhat easier route worth the money? We sent First for Women reader Maury Steinkirchner to The Good Feet Store in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to find out.”

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