• Originally published by Footwear News

  • Featuring Dr. William Spielfogel, a New York-based board-certified podiatrist and medical advisor for The Good Feet Store

Footwear News – September 22, 2021 – “Whether you work in construction or frequently tackle home renovation projects, you know that a solid pair of work boots is essential for safety and comfort. And depending on your workplace environment, it’s even require by law.

The U.S. Department of Labor requires employers to mandate that their employees wear protective footwear if their job poses a danger to their feet, like in carpentry and construction. These work boots often feature steel-toe designs to prevent injuries from falling objects and other hazards, as well as grippy lug soles to keep you sure-footed on a range of surfaces. “Investing in a pair of the best work boots is smart, and many times necessary to ensure proper protection while on the job,” says New York-based board-certified podiatrist and specialist for The Good Feet Store, Dr. William Spielfogel. “Steel toe work boots are a great option for protection in the toe region that will help prevent injury from falling debris, hazardous materials and other types of potential foot injuries that can happen on the job.”